domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009


1.) Baby teething gel numbs ur taste buds, Why eat it if u can't taste it?
2.) Keep a rubber band on ur wrist and snap it when u get hungry. Food will start to remind you of pain
3.) Keep a journal of writings & pictures and little note to remind you of not eating Thinspiration.
4.) Chew it up but spit it out.
5.) Buy clothes that dont fit and keep them in eye sight so u no wat your goal is.
6.) Play with your fat it will gross you out.
7.) Weigh your self @ LEAST 3 times a day
8.) Clean something gross so u lose ur appitite
9.)Keep pictures of skinny and fat girls around u so u no wat u want & wat u look like.
10.) If you get hungry count to 100 if will go away
11.) Crawl in a ball if ur hunger pains hurt really bad
12.)Ware skimpy clothes around the house, seeing you fat will make u not hungry
13.)Throw wat might tempt you away and pour something like bleech on it so u wont b tempted to take it out of the trash
14.) Keep cold you burn calories
15.) Spicy foods!!!
16.) If you must eat, then eat negatie calorie foods. The Thin Commandments

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  1. princs!!!!!!!!!!cualkiera entiende tu blog,jajajajaja

  2. ana camille,nos estamos haciendo otra vez los tuentis,solo ponemos en redes adictas a los tacones,no pongas nada de ana y mia en redes pork te lo kitarian,yo soy Victoria Princess,búscanos,bss